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You are here :: Beer & Wine Friday, December 04, 2020
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Cooked to order breakfast all day for take out only thru December.

Call 274-0074 if you have questions.

Location and Hours  


 We only have to agree on one thing.

Good food is worth the wait.

Phone: (907) 274-0074
order online: www.cafe-amsterdam.com

Regular Menu

Tuesday-Friday 8am-4pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm

Dinner Box & Growlers

Tuesday - Sunday available till 5pm

Dinner Box: Bratwurst 
Start Date/Time: Tuesday, November 03, 2020 12:00 PM 
End Date/Time: Tuesday, November 03, 2020 5:00 PM
Recurring Event: Every 1 week(s) on: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  Two traditional German style Bratwurst on a bed of sauteed cabbage & onions, warm German potato salad and freshly made beer bread. $20


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Created by  Administrator Account  on  7/7/2020

Beers on Tap  


Draft Beer

Call, come in, or order on line for curbside pickup

64oz. growlers yours or ours.

Check out the cellar items we have currently.

So many beers...turns out, one lifetime is not enough.


Ayinger - Pilsner 5. or 20.

Mahr's Christmas Bock 5. or 20.

Bearpaw River - Frontiersman IPA 5. or 20.

Arkose - Amber Earth ESB 5. or 20.

Arkose - Boxcar #5 Porter 5. or 20.

Alaskan - Barley Wine '07 8. or 30.

Deschutes - Reserve Black Butte XXVI '14 8. or 30.



Beer in bottle  

Trappiste Beers 

There are 10 Trappiste monastery breweries in the world. Six are from Belgium, one is from Austria, two from the Netherlands and a new one in the USA. Featured on our list are four of the Belgians and the Austrian. The Dutch born La Trappe has some limited availability, and Maria Toevlucht has been recently granted Trappiste Brewery status. The American St. Joseph’s Abbey has begun distribution only in the Massachusetts area and may find its way here soon. The 6th Belgian, Westvleteren, has some of the world’s most sought after and hard to come by beers.


Abbey of Scourmont Chimay White               330      $10.50

"Cinq Cents" Fruity touches of Muscat and dried raisins. A great freshness followed by a pleasant bitter aftertaste. 8%

Abbey of Orval Trappiste Ale                              330      $11.00

Fruity bouquet, firm body & profound hop bitterness.

Abbey of Westmalle Dubbel                                 330      $10.50

Rich, complex, herby and fruity with a fresh-bitter finish.

Abbey of St.-Remy de Rochefort 10                  330      $13.00

Dark and complex with a firm malt backbone.


Wittekerke Wit                                                      355      $6.00

A very pleasant drink. Light with a crisp refreshing flavor.

Bavik Super Pils                                                  330         $5.00

A clear, clean, aromatic pilsner like no other.

Tripel Karmeliet Bosteels                                   330          $10.00

Brewed with barley, wheat and oats. A classic Tripel.  

Piraat                                                                           330                 $9.00

Spicy, fruity amber colored with low hop bitterness

330               $9.00

Strong ale & most popular Belgian beer in Amsterdam.

Kwak Bosteels                                                  
330           $9.50

Strong amber ale served in original coachman’s glass.

Petrus Aged Pale                                        
330             $10.00

Still the reference for sour beers in the US and so tasty.

Petrus Aged Red                                        
330              $10.00

15% Foeder beer, 85% Double Brown with cherries.

Gulden Draak 
330              $10.00

A dark brown Triple with malt toffee-like sweetness.

Cuvee Rene Gueuze Lindemans                
355               $14.00

An elegant & festive beer, golden in color, spritzy with tiny bubbles, flavorful and fruity after a wake or tartness. 

Framboise Lindemans                                
355             $12.50

Delicate palate of raspberries with some acidity. Elegant.


United Kingdom

Sam Smith Organic Apricot Beer             550      $12.00

Rich and full of apricot flavor. Brewed with organic malts.

Belhaven Black                                                500      $6.00

Rich and bursting with roast coffee and chocolate flavors. This is a truly genuine and premium Scottish stout. 4.2%

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout                  500      $9.50

Chocolate malt ad real dark chocolate are combined for a satisfyingly indulgent, but never overly sweet experience.

Traquair 2020                                          
330            $15.00

Barleywine brewed to celebrate the first decade of the 21st century. This brewery is siduated in Scotland's oldest inhabted house. Savor the authentic taste of Scotland.



Sunner Kolsch                                                   500      $8.00

Brewed in the long Sunner brewing tradition. Aromatic with soft and spicy flavor. Light and refreshing. 5.4%

Weihenstephan Kristall Weis                      
500   $9.00

The color of gold and all the aroma of summertime.

Schneider Edelweisse                                      500      $9.00

Traditional Bavarian wheat beer, crisp and refreshing.

Andechs Vollbier Hells                    
500         $9.50

Traditional brewing made by monks of Benedictine order

Schneider Aventinus                                        500      $9.50

A Wheat Dopple Bock with great effervescence.

Ayinger Celebrator                                         330      $7.50

Rich dark malts, full bodied and flavorful. A classic



United States and Other Countries

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler                              
500       $7.00

Stiel Goldbrau and grapefuit juice, a refreshing combo.

Pilsner Urquell
550          $6.00

A malty sweetness building into a balanced yet clean mouthfeel. This is the first golden pilsner brewed in the time honored Czech tradition enjoyed since 1842.

North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin        
355            $6.50

Russian Imperial Stout, brewed in the tradition of English brewers who supplied the court of Catherine the Great. 9%



Mead & Cider

Celestial Meads Belgique                            
6oz                      $10.00

Sweet Methyglyn made with coriander and orange peel.

Sam Smith Organic Cider
 550                   $9.50

Crisp, clean flavor & dry finish. Perfect for any season

JK Scrumpy Northern Neighbor                  500            $8.00

Saskatoon berries make for a refreshingly crisp flavor.




 Seasonal European Beers

N'Ice Chouffe Winter Bier                      
330                  $8.00

Dark but refreshing with great effervescence

De Ranke Pere Noel                                  
330                   $10.00

A refreshing dryness and a gorgeous  cellar aroma.

St feuillien Noel                                      
330                    $8.00

Roasted malt with dynamic flavors of Belgian yeast.

De la Senne Xmas Zinnebir                    
330                       $8.00

Hoppy and dark Flemish style

Smiske Kerst                                            
330                         $11.00

Notes of chocolate, apple, cherry, and raisins. 

De Troch Winter Lambic                            
375                           $11.00

Age old methods using spontaneous fermentation.

Sam Smith Winter Welcome                                     550                            $11.00

A holiday tradition from the other side of the pond.

Hjul & Stejle                                                           650                            $16.00

From Bryggeriet Djaevlbryg, a ryebrett ale for the 
winter season. Only brewers would name  a beer after an ancient execution device, or "The Breaking Wheel"..00



Intriguing Offerings

Mimosa                                                                                                                           $8.

Sparkling Brut and orange juice served up in a tall flute glass.

Bloody Mary                                                                                                                   $8.

Spicy house made Bloody Mary mix with Petrov Reserve and all the appropriate garnishes.

Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit Wine – Bear Creek Winery (Homer, AK)         $8.       $32.

A sweet and refreshing offering from our friends down south. A burst of home grown Alaskan fruit flavors in every glass.

Sparkling Offerings

Cava - Codorniu Clasico (Spain)                                                                    $7.       $28.

Since 1872 Cava has been produced with distinctive, delicate, flavors of apple, toasted almond and fine bubbles. Cheers!

Sparkling Rosé – Jansz Tasmania Sparkling Rosé (Tasmania)                 $9.50      $38.

Jansz Tasmania has coupled old world inspiration with new world innovation to craft this unique style. Pale Salmon in color with a fine bead, this wine has a rich floral bouquet of strawberries with a soft creamy palate.


Riesling – J. Lohr Bay Mist White Riesling `16 (CA)                                  $6.       $24.

A varietal with a rich history in Spain and the Southern Rhone Valley of France. A small production wine from San Luis Obispo, this cool climate full-bodied effort has classic characteristics of ripe, juicy fruit and balanced by bright minerality.

Sauvignon Blanc - Mason Cellers '15(CA)                                                $6.50      $26.

Aromas of fragrant orange blossom, ruby grapefruit, and white peah set on a light body with pops of lime zest.

Penot Grigio - Mason Cellars '15(CA)                                                        $6.50     $26.

Lush pear flavors rounded into a honeyed-sweet and crisp finish.

Chardonnay – Fat Bastard Wine                                                 
$6.   $24.

A rich, golden yellow color with complex aromas of vanilla and honey suckle layered wih subtle nuances of oak. On the palate, this wine has a full body with an eruption of tropical fruit flavors that develop into a long, toasty finish.


Tempranillo - Vina Bujanda '14(Spain)
$6.50    $38.

This is a fresh wine having seen no oak and a medium bodied sipper meant to be paird with light fare.

Red Blend - Marietta Cellars Christo Lot 3 (CA)
$7.50    $32.

Gorgeous blend of Syrah. Petite Sirah, Grenache and Viognier you'll find layers of flavors. You can taste the integrity.

Shiraz – Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz `12 (Australia)                                                                     $8.50   $34.

Opens with lush dark cherry, licorice spice and wild flower notes that lead into a brambly herbal savor with smoky earth tones. On the palate a satin textured dark mulberry and plum appears with a jazzy acidity lifting the gravelly fruit.



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